Wondering how you can know more about aquaculture or how to do seafood farming? We are here to help.


IntelliAqua is a digital collaborative platform fostering sustainable Aquaculture practices, unlocking supply chain efficiencies and optimizing brand value, through 'step by step' improvement programs.

IntelliAqua team is working towards a vision of democratizing aquaculture with an objective to promote increased shared prosperity using the power of technology to make it more sustainable, compliant, traceable and inclusive. We recognise the need for a coherent and efficient value chain to realise the aquaculture industrys' full potential to deliver sustainable blue growth and support United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

IntelliAqua is a team of technology and aquaculture experts with collaboration as our core value. With our unparalleled depth and breadth of expertise, knowledge, strategies, consultation, curiosity and evolved ideation surrounding Aquaculture, we are committed to creating our own unique benchmark in the unprecedented world.

IntelliAqua Features

Our Value Drivers?

  • Economic


    • Low Operations costs & Improved Yield
    • Build own & brand creditibility
    • Access to wider ecosystem
  • Environmental


    • Biosecurity and Biodiversity Survey and Declarations
    • Zero discharge norms
    • Endangered species and protected Area checks
  • Legal


    • Reduce Audit and Compliance Fatigue
    • Expand partner & Banking ecosystem for credit Access
    • Data Protection Compliance
  • Social


    • Open Source Question Bank
    • Minimum wage and statutory pay obligations

Commitment to United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals

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